The school provides quality education in lines with the State government and department of Education following the system of comprehensive continuous evaluation based on both formative and summative assessment.

The portion of all section in school and Junior College is divided into four parts namely First unit, Second Unit and First term and Final Exam. Class tests are conducted on regular basis during the year. Projects, Assignments, Orals and Hands on experience, games are all a part of the child assessment and evaluation.

SUBJECTS TAUGHT (Primary/Secondary Section)
Languages (Compulsory) : English/ Hindi/Marathi

Primary Section (I to IV)

  • Languages
  • Mathematics
  • E.V.S (I & II only for Std. IV)
  • Work Experience
  • Arts/Drawing
  • Physical Education
  • Music
  • Computer(Not compulsory)

Secondary Section (V to X)

  • Languages
  • Mathematics (Algebra/Geometry/Arithmetic)
  • Science
  • Social Science (History/Geography for VII to X only)
  • E.V.S (I & II for V & VI only)
  • Value Education/Personality Development
  • Guiding/R.S.P./Social Service, Scouting
  • Drawing
  • Computer (Compulsory from VIII to X)
  • Music

All the students are given a course in Moral Science and Value education which teaches them their obligation towards God, themselves their country and their fellowmen.

College Section

  • Languages
    • English( Compulsory)
    • Hindi/Marathi/I.T.

Arts Section

  • Languages
  • History/B.K
  • Geography
  • Economics
  • Sociology/Psychology
  • E.V.S
  • Work Education

Commerce Section

  • Languages
  • Economics
  • Book Keeping/Accountancy (B.K)
  • Organisation of Commerce
  • Secretarial Practice
  • E.V.S
  • Work Education

Science Section

  • Languages
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Mathematics/Geography
  • E.V.S
  • Work Education

Teaching Methodology

The teaching methodology used is completely student centered and interactive method. The methodologies used mostly are discussions, projects, question based, demonstrations, computer-aided, interactive and fun learning. Every method is enhanced and personalized to suit the child’s age appropriate thinking and pedagogy. Role plays, debates, quizzes are all techniques used to enhance the teaching learning process.

Remedial Education
Special attention is given to students who are slow learners or having difficulty in learning or are dyslexic. Remedial education is done for these students so that they can cope with academic curriculum.
Counselling and guidance is given to these students and their parents by the management and staff.
Close contact with the parents is kept by staff and management to ensure progress and maintain rapport.
Thus giving individual attention to every student and its needs