Mr. Moses Gomes

Founder / C.E.O / Secretary / Grievance Redressal Officer

My dear young students,

Welcome to the Institute of Catholic Education Society’s Michael High School, Marceline Junior College, and Franciscan Nursery Kindergarten
The motto of this school is “Learn to be wise”
Your finest hour is here my dear students. The future belongs to you. The present is for you. But remember nothing was ever achieved without hard work. Do not waste time. Let truth and duty be your watch words. Never despair in the face of setbacks. Have faith in yourself and Almighty.

Wish you all the best for your life. God bless You!!!

Mode of Paying Fees by N.E.F.T online is also available
No Fee Hike for the academic year 2021-2022 due to ongoing pandemic
Now Admission available for all religious minorities (Christian, Muslim, Jain, Buddhist, etc.) at C.E.S's Marceline Junior College
Mode of Paying Fees by Rupay Debit Card only, UPI and QR code is also available at Fee Office.