The school has special weeks dedicated to a every subject wherein students and teachers have different projects, events, activities related to the subject and bring about the practicality of the subject. The fun filled activities, competitions, events, awareness rallies are all conducted under the guidance of the respective subject head of departments.

The list of head of departments for various subjects in the secondary section is as follows:

  • English- Mrs Roseline Chokar
  • Hindi – mrs beena kukreti
  • Marathi- mrs dolcy misquitta
  • Maths- Mrs Suchitra Verlekar
  • Science- Mrs Manmeet Sond
  • History- Mrs Loretta Pinto
  • Geography- Mrs Ann Miranda
  • Value Education- Mrs Hazel noronha
  • Nature Club :Mr Derrick Vaz
  • Science Club: Mr Pramod Muni
  • Career Guidance: Mr RIyaz ahmed
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No Fee Hike for the academic year 2021-2022 due to ongoing pandemic
Now Admission available for all religious minorities (Christian, Muslim, Jain, Buddhist, etc.) at C.E.S's Marceline Junior College
Mode of Paying Fees by Rupay Debit Card only, UPI and QR code is also available at Fee Office.