Notification for the year 2021-2022

  • Mode of Paying Fees by Rupay Debit Card only, UPI and QR code is also available at Fee Office.

Welcome to C.E.S’s Michael High School

The Catholic Education Society is conducting the pre- primary section known as CES’s Franciscan Nursery Kindergarten School, Primary & Secondary Section known as the CES’s Michael High School and it also conduct the Junior College known as Marceline Junior College of Arts, Science & Commerce for Girls and Science & Commerce for Boys. The school caters to all caste and creed.

Michael School is a co-education based school spread over 3 acres and it is equipped with state of the art infrastructure and technology and backed by the state and nationally recognized curriculum. The faculty comprises of excellent, professionally sound teachers who put in their heart mind and soul to not only teach but inspire their students.

The school stands tall in Kurla and has a green campus with more than thousands of plants in and around the campus. It is often described as an oasis in the concrete world. The school is a smart school; techno-savvy oriented and believes in giving hands-on experience to its students. The focus of the school has always been all-round development of its students. The school results of 2014-2015 were 100%.  At present, the school caters to 8500 students of all caste and creed.

Mr. Moses Gomes

Mr. Moses Gomes

Founder / C.E.O / Secretary / Grievance Redressal Officer
Mrs. Jean Moses Gomes

Mrs. Jean Moses Gomes

(B.A. B.Ed M.A. M.A.(Hist) M.A.(Socio) M.Ed. P.G. Dip. Mngt. Edu.)

Mrs. Savvy M. Mendonca

Mrs. Savvy M. Mendonca

Manager / Supervisor
(B.Sc./B.Ed./ M.Ed./Pg. D.M.E/PG. D.H.R.M./Ph. D. pursuing)


Mode of Paying Fees by N.E.F.T online is also available
Online Request Form for Junior K.G. and Play School for the year 2022-2023 is now available.
Now Admission available for all religious minorities (Christian, Muslim, Jain, Buddhist, etc.) at C.E.S's Marceline Junior College
Mode of Paying Fees by Rupay Debit Card only, UPI and QR code is also available at Fee Office.